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Will Toro Construct Western Australia’s First Uranium Mine?

Toro Energy Limited (Toro) has been advised by the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) that the EPA is recommending approval for its Wiluna Uranium Project in Western Australia to proceed.

This could mean that Australia’s first uranium mine could soon become a reality, but before we jump the gun, the EPA decision is now open to public appeal for a two week period and Federal Government approval is also necessary.

“This is an important milestone for Toro and for the Western Australian uranium industry” –  Mr Greg Hall, Toro’s Managing Director.

Information About The Proposed Mine

Statistics for Toro's proposed uranium mine

Who is Toro Energy Limited?

toro energy logoToro Energy is a modern Australian uranium company with a progressive development, exploration, acquisition and growth strategy.

It is active in Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Namibia.

The Company is based in Adelaide with a project office in Perth.

Toro’s flagship and wholly owned Wiluna Uranium Project is approximately 520 km north of Kalgoorlie in central Western Australia. It comprises uranium in two deposits, Centipede and Lake Way. The Centipede deposit would be mined first.

How Many Jobs Will Be Created?

The statistics listed above (provided by Toro Energy), suggest that up to 350 jobs will be created during the 12 month construction stage, and 170 jobs during operation. While this may not seem like a lot, there may also be additional jobs created by contracted companies as well.

Working at a Uranium Mine

There has been some vocal protesting and media coverage of uranium mining, portraying it a very dangerous to the local communities and workers – but Australian has safety regulations that are among the most comprehensive in the world, and doses in this country are will within the regulatory limits.

With construction through 2013 and first uranium sales in 2014, job opportunities are still quite a while off, but as the project progresses keep an eye out on Toro Energy’s employment page.

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