The WA Mining Job – Western Australian Mining Companies Need You

The Western Australian Mining Job

WA-mining-jobIf you're having a tough time finding a job, it may be time to look into a Western Australian mining job.  Despite recent slowdowns, the mines are still going strong in WA!  Whether you have experience working for a mining company or not, there is a WA mining job that's right for you; mining companies have positions available for skilled and unskilled workers.

Entry level mining jobs usually entail working around the mine.  Workers gain experience just being in the mining atmosphere.  These jobs may be cleaning or working in the kitchen, but the pay for these jobs is not menial.  Workers are compensated handsomely!  Even the lowest paid workers can make close to $100,000 per year.

The pay for all mining jobs is very high mostly because of the potential danger, but Australian legislation of strict safety standards has taken most of the danger away.  Workers in the mines and most other workers have completed certificates in workplace health and safety.  This is not to say that taking a WA mining job is without hazards, there are plenty, but the risks are lessened.  Mining companies have an interest in employee safety so they invest in safety equipment and classes for their workers.

Risk of Taking a WA Mining Job

Researchers recently studied all of the serious mining accidents in WA from 2000 to 2013; there were just over 50 fatalities.  In 13 years!  The industry saw massive growth in that time period and because of a strict adherence to safety codes and advancements in safety systems, the industry lost fewer workers than ever.  Mining is an inherently dangerous job, but following safety regulations and respecting that it is dangerous will help keep you safe.  Identifying and avoiding hazardous conditions are some of the most important aspects of working in or at a mine.

Some of WA's mining jobs are FIFO, this stands for fly in fly out.  The cool thing about these jobs is that  you don't have to move—you can live almost anywhere!  Employees fly in to the mining town, stay in the mine camp during their schedule which may be 2-4 weeks and then fly home when they're done.  It may sound like a long time to be away from home, but vacations are a couple of weeks long, too.

Even though you don't need experience to get a WA mining job, experience and/or certifications can help you get the mining job you want.  Never fear, even if you start out at the bottom, hard work and a dedication to safety will help you get promoted quickly.  When spots above you open up, show an eagerness and desire to learn the position; most employers will arrange and pay for training classes to get their employees the certifications the government requires.

The Future of WA Mining Jobs

Almost 70% of Australia's natural resources come out of Western Australia and there is steady global demand.  Over $68 billion worth of iron ore came out of WA in 2013, that's nearly 3x the amount of anything else.  Iron ore is made into steel.  Experts predict that China will continue to depend on Australia for steel for the next couple of decades.  WA mining jobs will be secure for a number of years to come; the deposits seem endless!  The Department of Mines and Petroleum or DMP is already exploring to find new deposits so that WA can keep mining.

Whether you are an experienced miner or a hardworking person looking for steady employment, look into WA mining jobs.

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