Trade Assistant Mining Jobs WA

One of the most sought after jobs in the mining  industry is that of a trade assistant.

The reason that this mining job is so popular not just in WA, but Australia-wide, is because it is seen as the ideal unskilled mining job for people who are looking at getting a start into the industry with no experience.

So let’s take a closer look at the job role, what is involved and how you can get one for yourself.

What’s Involved In Being A Mining Trade Assistant?

Trade assistants work with qualified trades people, be that boiler makers, fitters, or metal forgers and basically your job is to be a go-fer for your trades person.

Your responsibilities is to hold and position metal ready for work, to pass tools required and hold those not. As well as that you may be required to spot weld – so prior experience there is a good advantage.

A good starting salary for this position would be $40-50,000/year.

Where To Find Trade Assistant Mining Jobs In WA

The thing that you never get told is how hard it is find actually get a trade assistant job. While there may be plenty getting advertised, there is also a lot of competition and when you also add to the mix how close the mining community (it’s not what you know but WHO) – it lowers you chances even more.

However, before you get discouraged that you are up against possibly hundreds of other applicants, TheResourceChannel gives a couple of fantastic tips on how to get your foot in the mining ‘door’.

So be wary of any website or company that will ‘guarantee’ you a mining job in Western Australia and just be sensible with your applications and try getting even some basic qualifications that may help with your application.


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