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The Karara Iron Ore Project – Career

The Karara Iron Ore Project Karara Mining Ltd in WA was established in 2007 as a result of a 50/50 Joint Venture Agreement between Gindalbie Metals Limited and Angang Steel Company Ltd, one of China’s largest iron ore miners and steel makers. Karara has the potential to be a life-long iron ore business producing magnetite…

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Roy Hill Mine Appoints an AUSTRALIAN Recruiter – 8500 Temporary Jobs

  We first mentioned the Roy Hill mine site when it was found out that Gina Rinehart’s company was planning on importing 1,700 overseas workers for the project (20% of the workforce for the project). The great news is that Roy Hill chief executive Barry Fitzgerald announced that they have appointed recruitment company SKILLED to take expressions…

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game over for the mining industry?

Mining Boom Almost Over: Is it Too Late to Get a Job?

There has been a lot of talk over the last couple of days (over 300 news articles) about a recent ‘econonic report’ that supposedly predicts that the Australian mining boom will be over in just 2 years time!  The question is first, is this correct? And then secondly – how will this affect the ability…

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Will Toro Construct Western Australia’s First Uranium Mine?

Toro Energy Limited (Toro) has been advised by the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) that the EPA is recommending approval for its Wiluna Uranium Project in Western Australia to proceed. This could mean that Australia’s first uranium mine could soon become a reality, but before we jump the gun, the EPA decision is now…

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Mining Jobs in Kalgoorlie

The Karlgoorlie’s Super Pit is one of the largest gold mines in Australia, and is currently listed as part of the top ten producers of gold all over the world. Barrick Gold and Newmont Australia Limited are part owners of the  mining company. Although the strip mining process incorporated by the Kalgoorlie gold mines seems…

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Rio Tinto Order 150 Driverless Dump Trucks

Rio Tinto, one of Australia’s largest mining companies has struck a deal with mining equipment manufacturer Komatsu to purchase 150 driverless trucks for their Pilbara iron ore mines over 4 years, starting in 2012. This is a dramatic increase on their previous target of 10 driverless dump trucks as a part of the 2008 ‘Mine…

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Mining Induction Course

A mining induction course is a great ‘first step’ for those looking at getting a job in the mines. They can be great because: You Get A Basic Look Into The Resource Industry Shows Employers You Are Proactive With Your Job Seeking Give You Important Skills To Work Safely In The Mines  What Is Involved…

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