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‘How To Get A Job On The Rigs’ Review

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this product to review. However, the opinions below are our own and have not been influenced by the free product. I have been itching to check out this book ever since I heard about it a couple of months ago because I know of the biggest problems that…

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Mining Contractors

Why Working For A Mining Contractor May Be A Better Place To Start I am not surprised when people first start looking into mining jobs that they always initially go straight to the big mining companies like RIO Tinto to see what jobs they have on offer. The problem that they almost always face though,…

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Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) Administration Jobs

With the mining boom there was an increase in the number of jobs available, but whenever people think of mining jobs, they automatically picture a muscle clad man with a pick axe and covered in dirt, or a man in orange high visibility work wear driving a truck that is bigger than your house. While…

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Mining Companies In Western Australia

WA, being the resource capital of Australia has some very prominent mining companies with a large stake in the state, but there are a lot more than just the big names sifting through the red dirt – there are plenty of lesser know companies staking their claim. Let’s take a look at who the big…

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Cloudbreak Mine WA

The Pilbara region of Western Australia is rich in resources and the Cloudbreak mine is just one of the large iron ore mines in the area. Owned by the company behind Australia’s richest man (Andrew Forrest), Fortesque Metals Group, the Cloudbreak mine produces 39 million tonnes of iron ore each year and its plans to…

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Mining Traineeships In WA

Traineeships are a fantastic way to enter an industry and the mining industry is no different. If you have no experience and no qualifications then trying to get chosen for mining vacancies can start to feel like an impossibility. With sometimes more than 200 people applying for the same unskilled mining jobs, unless you have…

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Trade Assistant Mining Jobs WA

One of the most sought after jobs in the mining  industry is that of a trade assistant. The reason that this mining job is so popular not just in WA, but Australia-wide, is because it is seen as the ideal unskilled mining job for people who are looking at getting a start into the industry…

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