Mining Traineeships In WA

Traineeships are a fantastic way to enter an industry and the mining industry is no different.

If you have no experience and no qualifications then trying to get chosen for mining vacancies can start to feel like an impossibility. With sometimes more than 200 people applying for the same unskilled mining jobs, unless you have a heap of experience or know the right people it is almost impossible to even get noticed.

So, What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Mining Traineeship?

Since the biggest struggle with people trying to get a job in the mines is the lack of work experience, this literally fixes that problem!

By signing up for a mining traineeship (if you can get one), you are almost guaranteed a couple of years solid work, and the qualifications and experience at the end of it to progress into a higher level of job.

How To Get A Mining Traineeship In WA

There are basically three simple ways that you can find a traineeship or apprenticeship  in the mines:

  1. Browse The Internet

    There are a lot of great career and job websites on the internet and they have a lot of current mining jobs on their books. Search through and see if you can find a traineeship that suits what you are looking for and start applying.

  2. Contact Specialist Recruitment Firms

    There are also some specialist mining recruitment agencies in Perth that have networks with the big mining companies and may be able to help you find more specific jobs.

  3. Talk To The Companies Themselves

    Aside from that, if you live in the area of plan on moving to a mining community prior to accepting a job, then you could visit and contact the mining companies directly. You will most likely have greater success targeting the small companies and most of the national and international miners use recruiting companies.

Getting a traineeship in the mines is a great way to get a foot in the door, so if it is something that interests you, show some initiative and start searching for your next job.

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