Mining Jobs in Kalgoorlie

The Karlgoorlie’s Super Pit is one of the largest gold mines in Australia, and is currently listed as part of the top ten producers of gold all over the world. Barrick Gold and Newmont Australia Limited are part owners of the  mining company. Although the strip mining process incorporated by the Kalgoorlie gold mines seems like a simple process, several steps are required for the safe and effective extraction of gold.

Before the actual mining process could start, the areas where previous mining activities have been conducted must be totally uncovered and dugout to ensure the safety of the workers. With the help of technology, workers can operate the machines from afar. Employees can also monitor the progress of the activity from a safe distance from the mining site.

The intensive operations implemented by the Kalgoorlie mines have caused a huge demand for professionals possessing technical skills such as pipe fitters, electricians, mechanical engineers, and mining engineers to name some. And since the company hires hundreds of employees for their operations, the Kalrgoorlie Mining Company applies that fly-in fly-out employment culture, instead of accommodating and requiring employees to stay on site.

There are numerous mining jobs offered by the Kalgoorlie mines so arm yourself with useful and accurate information and the process will be a lot easier for you.

Finding Mining Jobs in Kalgoorlie

Knowing someone who is already working in Kalgoorlie can be used to your advantage, since friends and families that are already within the mining industry can add boost to your chances of getting the right mining job for your skills. So if you have your own contacts, use them to get your dream job.

If unfortunately you do not know anyone working in the mines, you have to exert the extra effort to apply for a job and get hired. You can start by searching for openings on online job sites and look up in the specialized recruitment companies category, so that you could categorize the job openings based on the area and industry of your choice. After pinpointing which ones you could apply for, you could contact mine companies through their official websites.

Even if you have no previous experiences in the mining industry, there are many WA companies offering training and apprenticeship programs, to give interested individuals the chance to learn the basics and have the hands-on experience which they can use when applying for a job in Kalgoorlie mine site.

There are numerous ways of finding a mining job that will suit your skills and expertise however, having no experience in the industry should not be a hindrance since there are many ways that you could still get it the mining industry. You could start by looking for jobs with the help of recruitment companies, since they can provide you the information that you need regarding the expectations in the mining industry. Since the Kalgoorlie mine site requires more workforce for their operations, applying for a job will be easier and there is a higher chance of being hired compared to applying other industries.

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