Mining Induction Course

A mining induction course is a great ‘first step’ for those looking at getting a job in the mines.

They can be great because:

  • You Get A Basic Look Into The Resource Industry
  • Shows Employers You Are Proactive With Your Job Seeking
  • Give You Important Skills To Work Safely In The Mines

 What Is Involved In A Mining Induction Course?

The widely recognised induction course that almost all training providers run is called ‘MARCSTA’.

These courses usually run for a full day and are quite inexpensive, and you will learn:

  • Access and apply site safety procedures
  • Apply personal safety measures
  • Apply operational safety measures
  • Maintain personal well being for job
  • Identify and report incidents

Mining Induction Courses Western Australia

There are quite a few training providers who run the MARCSTA mining induction course, so the best option is to check them all out and find one that is located near you.

Here is a selection of MARCSTA Induction Courses In Western Australia:

For more information on safety and induction courses, click here.

So if you are serious about getting a job in the mining industry, especially an unskilled job, then a mining induction course is one of your best places to start.

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