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Why Working For A Mining Contractor May Be A Better Place To Start

I am not surprised when people first start looking into mining jobs that they always initially go straight to the big mining companies like RIO Tinto to see what jobs they have on offer.

The problem that they almost always face though, is that if you do not have any experience than there is nothing available for you  – which means there is no entry into the mining industry, but this is where mining contractors come into play.

What Are Mining Contractors?

Mining contractors are the companies that work with and for the major mining companies to help with different aspects of the exploration, extraction, and transport processes. They are usually much smaller companies, but due to the growth in the Australian resource industry there are now quite a few substantial mining contractors.

Why Should I Approach Them About Jobs?

The fact that they are smaller is the main reason you should look at contracting them. It is so easy to get lost in the hundreds of applications that the big miners would continue to get, that even if you do have the qualifications and experience – you still could easily get looked over.

Benefits Of Contacting A Contractor:

  • More Likely To Take Unskilled Workers
  • Less Competition For Positions
  • More Likely To Have Unadvertised Positions

As you can see, a few great reasons. Why not consider calling some of the contractors that are based in the areas that you are looking for work?

If you are looking to learn who some of these companies are, there is a condensed list of some of them below.

Who Are Some Of The West Australian (WA) Mining Contractors?

This is just a few of the hundreds of mining companies that work in the mining industry. If you are looking for work in Western Australia then why not consider getting in touch with some of these contractors as well as the big miners.

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