Mining Companies In Western Australia

WA, being the resource capital of Australia has some very prominent mining companies with a large stake in the state, but there are a lot more than just the big names sifting through the red dirt – there are plenty of lesser know companies staking their claim.

Let’s take a look at who the big players are in detail before listing a selection of other companies who have mines in Western Australia.

The Big Players In The WA Mining Industry

  1. BHP Billiton

    When a company is planning to spend $10billion on capital investment projects (with the majority of it funneled into their WA projects), you have to see them as a major player in any industry. This is what BHP Billiton have planned for their WA investment including (but not limited to) the development of Jimblebar mine and rail links and mining equipment.

    With a market capitalisation of over $188billion and becoming officially the worlds 3rd largest listed company – BHP Billiton employ over 41,000 people and is definitely a big player in the mining industry of Western Australia.

  2. Rio Tinto

    Another major Australian mining company, Rio Tinto has some pretty impressive statistics in relation to their contribution to the WA economy.

    Somewhere between the $3.7 billion invested into local infrastructure and the face that Rio Tinto equates to 26% of the total economic contribution to mining activity in the states, you will begin to see that they have done a lot for the local industry – plus they more that 7,500 people and work with around 27,000 suppliers.

  3. Fortesque Metals Group

    Holding more land than any other mining company (including BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto) makes Fortesque the largest tenement holder in Western Australia. Founded by the new richest man in Australia, this mining company, with it’s $20 billion market capitalisation (having only shipped it’s first coal to China in 2008) is definitely one to watch over the coming years.

    It’s two largest projects are the Chichester Hub and it’s Cloudbreak mine.

Other Mining Companies

Now there are literally 100’s of companies that service the mining industry in Western Australia, so it is not possible to list them all, so here is a condensed version to get your search started.

This list will continue to have more businesses listed, so make sure you bookmark this page and return regularly to stay updated.

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