Information about FIFO Mining Jobs

A lot of people look into FIFO opportunities as a lifestyle choice because most mining jobs in WA are in very regional areas where you may not be interested in living or raising a family.

Most ‘fly in fly out’ positions in Western Australia will fly you in and out of Perth.

What Are FIFO Jobs?

FIFO or ‘Fly In Fly Out’ mining jobs are where you continue to live in your current location and your employer flies you to the mine site where you stay in local accommodation and work for the period stipulated on your roster – before being flown home to spend your time off with your family.

FIFO Rosters

Rosters vary between companies with some doing 3 weeks on 1 week off, however there has been shift towards employee job satisfaction that has seen rosters such as ‘9 days on 6 days off’ become more common. As rosters can vary quite significantly, it is advisable that you inquire about the exact roster before accepting a job.

Living Conditions

It is important not to go into a FIFO job with high expectations of your onsite living quarters. You can expect them to be clean, but they will be very basic, usually with a communal TV –  and all food (and laundry) is in most cases included.

What About Drive-In-Drive-Out Mining Jobs?

While seen as less glamourous, an alternate to FIFO is ‘Drive In Drive Out’ which as the title suggests, means that instead of the company paying for you to fly, you drive yourself to work at the start of the roster and back home for your time off.

These jobs are usually with mines that are based within reasonable driving distance from a major city. While you may be lucky enough to live within a ‘decent’ drive from the mines location, if you don’t, you may need to move closer to make this arrangement work.

Where To Find FIFO Mining Jobs

Searching for these jobs is as easy as visiting your favourite jobs website and typing in FIFO into the search box. Below you will actually find a selection of current fly in fly out jobs available to apply for – so this would be a great place to start your search.

Available FIFO Mining Jobs

FIFO mining jobs are usually only offered to trade qualified or specialised workers and competition for these jobs are usually quite strong. This is because they can usually find unskilled workers from within the local community.

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