Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) Administration Jobs

With the mining boom there was an increase in the number of jobs available, but whenever people think of mining jobs, they automatically picture a muscle clad man with a pick axe and covered in dirt, or a man in orange high visibility work wear driving a truck that is bigger than your house.

While these are two of the job options in the mining industry, there are a lot more than you think and quite a few of them do not require your hands to get dirty.

Administration Jobs In The Mines

On our page related to unskilled mining jobs we list a couple of positions that would allow you to get a job in the mines – without actually working IN the mines. One of these positions was that of administration, so let’s take a look at what is involved and whether there is opportunity to arrange a FIFO work roster.

Where Do I Find An Admin Job?

This is the easy part. There are plenty of jobs websites and the majority of them not only have administration jobs in mining communities – but the also have plenty of them!

Your best bet is to search, Seek or one of the many other sites and see what is available in the areas that you are hoping to find a job.

Current FIFO Mining Admin Jobs

What Is The Job Criteria?

Obviously both the job description and the criteria are going to be different for each job but the majority of admin jobs require some form of experience – so it might be best to get some local experience if you do not have any already.

It is best to check the individual job descriptions to know exactly what will be required of you.

Can I Get An FIFO Roster?

FIFO jobs in Administration are available in the mining industry as I am sure you would have already found out if you have searched the career websites.

The one thing you will most likely find though with most of the admin jobs offering a fly in fly out roster is that they have a much stricter criteria, which usually includes multiple years of experience.

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